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What happened to Fiberly?

If you have been following Fiberly for a while, you might be wondering what happened. First, I have every intention of bringing Fiberly back.

Here is what happened. In November of 2020, a few days before Thanksgiving, my Dad was admitted to the hospital where it was discovered that he had a large colon tumor. I made the very tough decision to close up Fiberly for a period of time to focus on my Dad and his needs.

Reflecting back, a year later, this was the best decision I could have made.

My goal was to have no regrets with my Dad. Taking a break meant that I got to: support my Dad through hospital stays, take him to chemo and sit with him during the week. I was able to help my mom by making meals and doing house work for her.

In June things took a really bad turn. And we made the tough decision to withdraw care and move my Dad to hospice. He went to his permanent home in Heaven in July. I’m so grateful that we left on good terms and that I was able to be fully present with him.

Thank you to everyone who sent me such warm thoughts last year. It made me feel so good to know that the Fiberly community was in support of me focusing on my family.


What’s next?

I am working behind the scenes on Fiberly. My goal is to not just relaunch, but to relaunch with a better platform. More secure. More features. More shop products. I hope you will follow along with me!